Maintenance Tips For Your Rental Properties

Owning rental property in Raleigh, NC is a brilliant idea for someone looking for a long-term investment opportunity. To succeed, you must attract high-quality renters and do all you can to keep them happy. One way of ensuring that is by carrying out scheduled property maintenance.


It is not practical for you to conduct the maintenance services every month since that will be costly to you and an inconvenience to your residents. Nonetheless, you can still guarantee that your assets remain habitable by carrying out the following rental property maintenance services at least once every year.

Raleigh Rental Property Maintenance Tips:

Check the Smoke or Carbon Monoxide Detectors

The State's law requires every Raleigh rental property to have carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms to warn the residents in the event of a fire outbreak. Being an owner, you must, therefore, ensure the gadgets installed in your property are in perfect working condition. Otherwise, you might find yourself facing persecution, fighting off a negligence legal suit, or a burnt down property. For this reason, inspect the smoke and fire detectors to ascertain that they are working efficiently. The batteries should be switched and the smoke detector should produce, correct visible lighting. Furthermore, the alarm should produce audible beeping sound to warn residents if smoke or fire is detected.

Check for Water Leakages

A common problem with rental homes is water leaks. Even a small leakage from a faulty faucet can result in costly losses if left unattended for long. For instance, it can lead to wastage of water, high water bills, bathroom emergencies, structural damage to the walls and floors or even destruction of your tenant’s belongings. It is not enough to wait for your occupants to complain about water leaks, after all, most would not raise concerns until the situation becomes extreme. Instead of waiting for things to spiral out of control, be proactive in inspecting the water system, taps, faucets as well as piping, to ensure they are faultless. Remember, even though water leaks can cause severe damage, they are relatively easy to fix if detected on early.

Examine the Roof and Gutters


Due to constant exposure to weather elements, your roofs gets affected. For instance, a roof shingle might become loose, a brick tile might break, or an iron sheet might need replacing. Moreover, the chimneys and guttering might get clogged with leaves, twigs, dust or any other debris. If you are hands-on, you can climb the roof and restore it. Otherwise consider hiring qualified roofing technicians to help you fasten the loose shingle, replace the broken tile or iron sheet. While at it, make sure to unclog the chimney and the gutters so that they work efficiently.

Pressure Wash the Property

Over time, dust, debris and oil spills tend to accumulate, causing your property to look abandoned and outmoded. The defaced look typically lowers the aesthetic appeal and market value of your rental investment. Fortunately, you can successfully restore and maintain the rich look by carrying out a thorough cleaning exercise using a pressure washer.

You can purchase or rent one from the local supplies stores. Use the equipment to clean the roof, the house exterior, the paving, patio, and drive. One benefit of using a pressure washer is that you do not need to apply too much energy to scrub off the dirt.

Conduct Pest and Rodent Inspections

Every neighborhood has its unique rodent and pest challenges. For Raleigh, NC, this includes squirrels, mice, bats, ants, spiders, and termites. The good news is that a simple routine pest inspection and removal exercise can leave your property rodent and pest free for a whole year.

Let your tenants know how much you value their well-being by inspecting their homes at least once a year for signs of infestations. When doing that, also conduct proactive measures to prevent future infestations. Such actions could include draining off any stagnant water, getting rid of empty cans, repairing broken fences or hedges, pruning the bushes and painting or oiling wooden fixtures. For this exercise, you can engage any one of the many pest control companies in Raleigh, NC.

Inspect and Service the Electricity

Electrical power plays a significant role in the lives of your tenants. Besides powering electronics, machines, and equipment, it helps to illuminate the premises. Hence, you should keep your electrical system well-maintained to safeguard your renters from electrocutions, and their equipment from getting damaged. However, bearing in mind how dangerous electricity is, it is best for you to hire a commercial electrical maintenance contractor. With their knowledge and expertise, they will handle the job professionally without any mishaps.

Repair Rotten Wood Fixtures


Over time, wood tends to rot, warp or break. Therefore, take the time to inspect all the wooden fixtures in your Raleigh rental property such as doors and shutters, and take proper restoration measures. For instance, replace the ones that are rotten and cracked, as these will likely worsen over time resulting in extensive damage. For those that are warped or defaced consider restoring them through a paint job or unwarping the wood.

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