I write this as a testimonial and recommendation for Brian Schambs and Schambs Property Management. Brian Schambs is an honest and trustworthy businessman, keeping first, the best interests of his clients. My husband worked with Brian to rent our property in Cary, NC. Not only had I never formally met Brian, I had never spoken to him on the phone, since my husband handled this business. Little did I know how quickly I would get to know Brian Schambs. On July 4, 2014, my husband unexpectedly passed away. He was the main financial manager in our family and I was totally distraught. Brian’s response was calming and comforting. Quite frankly, I was taken aback at his kindness. Brian afforded me the time and space I needed to figure out my situation, and took care of my property for me stress-free. I will never forget his generosity and compassion. I highly recommend Brian Schambs for rental property management and real estate sales and purchases. I continue to find Brian professional, understanding, compassionate, thorough, and trustworthy. Thank you, Brian!

Susan, Landlord

When I met Brian at Schambs Property Management I was worried like anyone should be who has invested thousands of hard earned dollars into rental property. My fear was I would never find a property manager that would be half as good as I am at managing tenants with dignity, while all along getting them to pay on time. Brian has exceeded all my wildest expectations, if I am not careful my mind drifts into thinking I work for him and receive money for his property (in regards to how he treats my property)!!! That fear has now changed to what would I ever do if I lost the services of Brian and his firm. I could not have asked for any better in a true business partner than this. He has developed a system that works in all areas and is easy to understand, including the dreaded paper work.

Chris H., Landlord

I appreciate the work you have done for us, such as getting repairs completed in a very efficient manner (we have not always experienced this at our previous residences). Looking forward to the next 2 years in our house!

Alyssa, Resident

Thanks you for all of your help. Your property management services were the best I have ever dealt with and I have recommended you to several people. Good luck.

Pedro, Landlord

I wanted to let you know that it was truly a pleasure working with you over the last year. You've been great to us, and I really appreciate your help with everything that came up. Please let me know if there's ever anything I can do for you! Take care.

Lauren, Resident

Thanks Brian - I was wondering about each of those items this morning. You are spot on, thanks for your communications.

Shawn, Landlord

Thanks very much Brian. I'm glad we rented the house through you and your company. It's nice to work with a very professional real estate agent when renting. If I know anyone who is relocating and needs a place to live, rental or otherwise, I'll send them your direction.

Ed, Resident

Many thanks for your help - you've been absolutely amazing on your follow-through.

Naznin, Landlord

I just wanted to say thanks again for doing such a good job handling the properties here. I really appreciate it!

Needham, Landlord

I have to give you many thanks for all the help and support you have given me over the last 5 years. I know many times you have really saved me a lot of stress and work. I certainly believe that you have made a very difficult situation workable that would not have been had you not been there for me. Not that I think you would need it but I would certainly give you an outstanding reference should you ever need it!

Susan, Landlord

Thank you again for the professional way you do business. I look forward to working with you.

Irma, Resident

Hey Brian, just wanted in to say thanks again for everything. You are, by far, the best landlord I've ever had. Thanks so much!

Ian, Resident

YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING - SUPERMAN! Thank you for everything!

Gopi, Landlord

I very much appreciate the prompt and courteous manner in which you answered all my questions and addressed all my concerns. I would certainly recommend your services to anyone who was searching for a rental home in the Triangle.

Doug, Resident

I hope to do more business with you since I am convinced I am putting my clients in very good hands.

Martha, Real Estate Broker

Thanks for making living here so enjoyable, I'm truly going to miss this place!

Hadley, Resident

You have gone above and beyond and I would like to say as a person rather than an attorney that you are very kind and I personally appreciate your help.

Nicolle, Attorney and Resident

I greatly appreciate your rental services you have provided. We LOVE the house, and are excited to continue living there.

Alyssa, Resident

Thank you, Brian. We appreciate all your help and professionalism this past year. All the best to you.

Michelle, Landlord

Many thanks again, you are the best property manager ever!

Imogen, Resident

The professional manner in which you handle your business has made it very easy on me and I appreciate it very much.

Larry, Resident

Hi Brian, Thank you, for all you have done to get our house rented.

Ken, Landlord

Thanks for everything you do; I really appreciate it. Having your company taking care of things sure makes life here in Charlotte that much easier.

William, Landlord

It is such a pleasure to show your listings Brian - as you can imagine, we have walked into some poorly cared for properties- this gave her hope that nice homes are out there for rent and she and her family will be OK. When her home sells - we are looking for SPM homes first!!

Martha, Real Estate Broker

This is really great news! I know you worked hard for this one, and we are both really appreciative of you looking out for our interests and getting a quality tenant. Hope to bring you more business in the near future.

Thad, Landlord

Thank you so much for taking care of this! As a family that is relatively new to renting, you have truly been a pleasure to work with and exceeded our expectations in every way. I look forward to a smooth, stress free year knowing that you're managing things!

Renee, Resident

Thank you so much for your efficiency! I love showing your properties!

Karen, Real Estate Broker

Thanks again for being SUCH a good manager, I have never had a better one in all my 15yrs of renting! Seriously.

Imogen, Resident

You deserve the thanks, Brian. I can't tell you how much we appreciate your prompt attention to our house issues. Looks like everything is fixed and the tenants are happy. Thank YOU! !

Janet, Landlord

Brian, I truly appreciate everything you have done in the past for me and wish you much luck and success with your busines

Carolyn, Resident

Thank you -- we are very pleased with the work you guys are doing. We have not had any stress or headaches. And you can use my quote!

Wallace, Landlord

I have a lot of confidence in you and how Schambs Property Management treats clients.

Charlene, Broker

Brian, you have been a delight to work with and your service was exemplary.

Donna, Resident

Thank you for all you guys did to help us out! I don't think we'll ever find another property manager like you!

Lauren, Resident

Thank you for your prompt attention to any needs we've had over the last 2.5 yrs. You and your company are truly outstanding and professional. Should you ever need a reference, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Mark, Resident

I wanted to thank you both, you guys have been the best landlords that we could have asked for and I appreciate everything that you have done for me and my family.

Tom, Resident

Thanks again for being so wonderful!!! You will definitely be recommended to anyone I know.

Tara, Landlord

Thanks so much for responding so promptly to me and my client. I have been most impressed with your property management company. So many others I have dealt with have been horrendous!

Laura, Real Estate Broker

We often talk of how happy we are here and lucky to have connected to this home and you all.

Stephanie, Resident

Seriously, thanks for everything! You've been great, wish we had someone like you in Charlotte to manage our rental.

Renee, Resident

Thanks so much. You have been so great to work with. Couldn't have asked for a better manager!

Tom, Resident

Thank you again for all of your assistance over the term of the lease. You and your company have been extremely professional and quick to handle any of our concerns or issues.

Mark, Resident

It has been a true pleasure working with your company, nothing but praise from our end!

Heidi, Resident

Thanks so much Brian! You have been so helpful and responsive, and just make us feel so comfortable knowing our house is being taken care of by you. Thanks again so much!

Beth, Landlord