7 Tips to Keep Your Cary, NC Home (and Investment) Safe

Just like everyone else, your tenant wants to feel safe at home.
If your Cary property’s doors, locks, and windows seem flimsy, prospective tenants may be hesitant to rent the unit – regardless of other good features it may have.
Ensuring your Cary property is safe is therefore key to a successful investment. This will benefit you in two major ways:
Firstly, it will keep your tenant turnover low, which will mean more profit for you.
Secondly, it will keep your property legally compliant. According to North Carolina laws, as a landlord, you are responsible for providing your tenants with a property that meets the state’s safety, health and building codes.
Here are some surprising facts and statistics on burglaries you may not know about.

  • The average burglary costs the victim $2,416.
  • Burglars usually head straight for the bedroom.
  • Burglaries happen once every 23 seconds in the United States.
  • Burglaries are more frequent during the summer.
  • Most burglaries usually occur during the day, between noon and 4.00p.m.
  • With that in mind, here are 7 tips on how to keep your property safe for tenants.

Cary NC secure home

Tip #1: Ensure the main entrances are secured.

Many people think that a thief would never be bold enough to make their entry via the front door. This is a misconception, as the most common entry point for thieves is simply through the front entrance.
For this reason, many local laws require a deadbolt to be fitted on all entrance doors. While you may be thinking of installing a dual-cylinder (or ‘double-key’) deadbolt, note that this goes against fire safety codes, and is a big liability for you as a landlord.
Deadbolts are available in two options: You can buy one that is incorporated right into the handleset, or one that is a separate piece from the door handle.
You may also consider boosting your entrances’ security further by installing metal or solid wood doors. This is because thin wooden structures can easily be smashed or kicked in.
As an added precaution, if you have recently evicted a tenant, get your locks re-keyed.

Secure Front Door

Tip #2: Ensure your windows are secured.

In most homes, windows are an easy point of entry as they are fragile. Many homeowners think the sound of shattering glass will protect against burglars breaking in. Sadly, though, the sound of a window breaking will rarely catch a neighbor’s attention.
Sometimes, burglars don’t even need to break a window to gain access. Many people just leave them unlatched or simply have windows with weak locks.
So, how can you ensure your windows are secured? Here are a couple of tips to get you started:

  • Plant prickly bushes under first-floor windows. Be sure to trim them regularly, though.
  • Add window bars.
  • Install glass break detectors.
  • Reinforce glass with window security film.

Tip #3: Consider installing external lighting.

External lighting can help make for an easy crime deterrent at night. The last thing a would-be burglar wants is to have a literal spotlight on their suspicious behavior.
Motion sensor lighting in particular can be very effective. They’re great at picking up any movement around the property. It’s best for you install them around garages or back porches.
If your budget allows, consider installing security lighting around your rental property to help illuminate dark places that burglars might take advantage of.

Home Security System

Tip #4: Consider installing a security system.

If you don’t have a security system already, you may want to consider installing one. It’s one of the best robbery-deterrents you can have in your rental property.
What’s more, having this amenity can help boost your house’s desirability to tenants. This may help increase the profit of your Cary property investment.
Now, there are many different options to choose from when it comes to security systems. They range from the easy-to-install ones to those that require being drilled into walls. To cut down on installation costs, choose one that you can install on your own.
Today, the average cost for home security monitoring ranges between $15 to $35 per month.

Tip #5: Remove potential hiding places.

Do you have any shrubs near your property’s doors or windows? If you do, you might want to remove them, as burglars can use them as cover to break into your tenant’s home. Tall or thick bushes are easy to hide in.
So, remove them the next time you are renovating or cleaning your property. Alternatively, pass the responsibility onto your tenant. Make sure to ask your tenant to keep any shrubbery trimmed.

Secure Home Sign

Tip #6: Market your home as secure.

Using alarm stickers or yard signs can also help deter burglars from breaking into your Cary home. This is because criminals normally won’t risk getting caught on camera or by an alarm system.
Alarm stickers or security signs create the impression that a home is under surveillance – even if there isn’t a security system in place to begin with. That said, the best way to ensure your property is safe is by actually having an active security system.
Just make sure not to include information like the manufacturer details on your sign. Why? Because experienced burglars can use the information about the make or model of your security system to disable or bypass it.

Tip #7: Install a fence.

Installing a strong fence is another unsurprising yet useful tactic to burglar-proof your property. There are many different types of fences available. Choose one that offers you the most protection against theft.
This essentially means you should install one that is relatively tall to make it harder to climb. Besides being tall, pick one with a gate that locks itself upon closing, and doesn’t leave room for someone from the outside to unlatch it.
There you have it, 7 tips on how you can boost the security of your Cary rental property. When your tenant feels safe, they’ll be more likely to renew their lease at the end of a term. Remember, a secure home is a profitable home.

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