Property Managers And Their Local Community

Property Managers and tenants have a special relationship and for that reason, it’s important that it be nurtured. Tenants at times can feel that their property manager don’t quite care about them and it’s just business. Property Managers feel at times that tenants don’t care for the property.

However, like all businesses the onus is on the property managers to show that they really do care about their tenants and their community.

Today, we can see that a lot of property managers have changed the way they do things and are work hard to improve this “image” that they have. To achieve this goal, they are playing a more active role within the community and are also using technology to better connect with people in general. These measures are designed to convey a more positive side of property managers.

Here are some strategies property managers have used to build a better community:

Being People-Friendly:

friendly people

Property Managers have now become more people friendly. They realize that they do not want to be perceived as some grumpy landlord who is only interested in the monthly rent. Instead, they want to work towards building a positive relationship with their tenants and within their community.

Property managers realize that working on building a long-term relationship with people around them can only result in more positivity, better tenants, and a better image.

Using Social Media:

Almost every property manager today can be found on popular social media platforms. That is because they understand that this is the place where millions of people converse, chat and share their personal lives.

By being part of the social platform and by participating on social media forums and groups, property managers can boost their image in the local community. Social media platforms also provide an excellent opportunity to get feedback, respond promptly and engage with members of the community and tenants.

In addition, it is an excellent medium to advertise vacant properties, ongoing promotions, and upcoming changes etc.

Promoting Education:

school graduation

Property managers are really keen on changing this perception that they are some big corporation and that their only goal is to make money. They want to convey to people that they are also interested in giving back and contributing towards causes that can help the community overall.

For example, some property managers give out school supplies to their tenants so that the children in the community can benefit and the parents can have some support. These type of activities can go a long way in building a good relationship with the community and establishing an excellent reputation as business managers who care about people and who are willing to work towards the overall betterment of the community.

Better Customer Service:

There was a time when property managers were very strict about rental payments, property rules and regulations and so on. While these things are still relevant today, it is a fact that things are done in a much more civilized manner.

Property managers today are more understanding and can demonstrate empathy when required. A person’s financial circumstances can sometimes change suddenly and a little consideration during somebody’s tough time can go a long way in gaining the loyalty and respect of that person. Property managers have tried to adopt this strategy and have become more “human” per se.

Improved Response Times:

In order to maintain good stable clients, property managers know they have to pay attention to complaints and have to respond quickly. For example, when there is a complaint of a water leak in the bathroom or a broken light fixture, most property managers will attend to these complaints quickly.

The aim is to keep the tenant satisfied and content. Property managers are fully aware that finding stable tenants in today’s economy is difficult and so they ensure that repairs are done promptly. This is also a good strategy to build long-term relationships with the people you interact with on a daily basis.

Better Communication:

In the past, property managers would simply post notices on the board outside their office or near the elevators to convey important messages to tenants. But things have changed dramatically and technology has made communication much faster and much more efficient.

Property managers also now use emails to communicate with their tenants and to inform them of any changes or updates. In addition, property managers can now communicate with the community by promoting fun activities, organizing barbecues, family picnics, charity events etc. All these measures help them play a more active role in community building efforts.

The bottom line is that while running a property is a business, property managers realize that it is time to change the way they operate and become more proactive and more present when it comes to community efforts and interaction.

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