How to Advertise Your Cary, North Carolina Rental Property Successfully

Good advertising is crucial to ensure that you have a pool of qualified tenants to choose from. There are many strategies you can use to make your Cary, NC property visible to potential tenants. You will have to consider the best vehicle to advertise your property.

There are many approaches you can use to ensure that you gain potential tenant’s interest. You can apply traditional methods like setting up a yard sign. You can also go the online route. This will give your rental advertisement a higher percentage of viewings.

Here are some key strategies to use when advertising your rental property in Cary, North Carolina:

1. Establish a target audience to focus your marketing efforts.

It’s important that you know the group of people you aim to rent your property to. Study the neighborhoods of Cary, NC. Assess potential reasons for renting and moving. Figure out the market specific to that area. Narrowing your focus this way allows you to capture your target market successfully.

2. Develop an online social presence.

Expand your online marketing presence by using social media platforms. Such platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Facebook is a good way to network for connections. Instagram allows you to post attractive photos and follow community groups and neighborhoods. Twitter can help you search for properties and neighborhoods using hashtags. YouTube will make property viewings easier by enabling you to upload a walk-through video of your rental property.

You can curate and share photos of your property far more easily using these platforms. It’s essential to have an active online presence by posting regularly. Share property management tips and best practices on your platforms. You can also post related industry news. This will fuel further interest in your rental property in Cary, North Carolina.

3. Make use of the Word-of-Mouth approach.

As an advertising strategy, word-of-mouth is very effective since it’s fast. People gain information through people they interact with and trust. Let your current and previous tenants write recommendations on your website. Provide incentives to encourage them to refer potential tenants to your property.
use word of mouth to market your cary rental property

4. Establish interest before needing to market.

Failing to plan is preparing to fail. You must always prepare for opportunities to market your property. Part of this preparation includes doing your part to create opportunities. Take the initiative by organizing email lists for various communities. Share this list with interested renters. Extol the values of the community and include other useful content. Don’t forget to include the availability dates for the listed properties.

5. Maintain a connection with the community.

If you find that you have several properties in one area, find ways to connect with the community. Try sponsoring a school activity or setting up a stall during a community fair. This will allow you to distribute information about your rental properties. It’s essential that you are a trusted resource for the public. Engaging in local activities will help you establish this sense of trust.

6. Market a community, not a property.

People are generally more focused on the value of a community rather than specific amenities associated with a property. Assess your target market’s needs. Is the demographic single young professionals, families, or senior people? Young professionals like having access to entertainment like shops and gyms. Families prioritize good schools and safe neighborhoods for kids. The elderly will probably prefer recreational centers and safe walking trails.

market the community of your cary rental property

Always be aware of what your target demographic is. Then you can establish the right community that would serve their needs.

7. Assess the market by picking a price tag.

When you marketing your property, the listing location is important. You want to work out the right price range for your target market. A small deviation from the standard or average rent of the area will still expose you to the same market. If you set the price higher, you may be able to capture a different market. Be careful about adjusting your price tag. Make it reasonable in relation to the value of your rental unit and the rental market of the area.

8. Write a great description of your property when advertising.

Make your property advertisements compelling and engaging. Start by providing a lifestyle glimpse. Write as if you’re showing a potential tenant around your property in Cary, North Carolina. Specify the names of brands and use them as a selling point. This applies to things like the property’s furnishings and appliances. Be specific about the distance to transportation hubs. Include the number and size of the bedrooms as well as the materials used for interiors. If the property has a garden, pool, or parking access, make sure to highlight those features in your ads.

Talk about details and provide a clear description of features. Mention any garden/balcony details as well as heating and other fundamental facilities.

9. Take nice photos of your rental property.

Your rental property in Cary, North Carolina will be judged based on its presentation. Often, prospective tenants have only your photos as a basis to make their decision. Good photos can be the difference between getting a scheduled viewing or not. Your property must be clean and tidy to look appealing in pictures.

Invest in the proper equipment or a professional photographer. You’ll likely be using your photos for several years so make sure that they are well done. It will be a worthwhile investment to catch the interest of prospective tenants. Lighting matters. Make sure the rooms are bright to enhance the images’ attractiveness even more.

These are just some of the key strategies for successful advertising. You may decide to apply one, two, or a few. After all, you want to stay ahead of the competition and avoid vacant properties. You also want a steady source of income from your investment assets. Implementing these strategies will help you accomplish all of these.

If you want help managing and advertising your rental property, Schambs Property Management can do it for you. Give us a call at (919)803-7789 for more information!

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